10-50V 40A PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Regulator CW CCW Reversible Pulse Driver

SKU: VM00806

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This is a simple and easy-to-use DC motor speed controller of elegant appearance and stable performance. It is made with high quality circuit board which ensures a longer service life. The input voltage can be DC 10V to 55V. This speed controller with high power allows reversing rotation direction. With a digital display, the rate in percent of actual speed to maximum speed can show on it clearly, thus, it will help to regulate speed much more precisely.

Technical Specification:

  • Operating voltage: DC 10V-50V
  • Maximum current: 40A
  • Output voltage: Load linear
  • Speed control: Potentiometer(with switch)
  • Adjustable speed range: 0~100%
  • Size: 11cm*7.8cm*3.5cm (L*W*H) (approx..)


  • Designed with an aluminum case to protect the module from damaging
  • Programmable to meet subsequent extensions
  • Advanced design includes over-current protection, reverse polarity protection and over-voltage protection
  • High-quality, large-format fluted type knob
  • Easy-to-install, on/off switch on rheostat. Push-on knob included


  • Driving compressors
  • Pressure blower
  • Door lifts
  • Circular saws
  • Passenger elevators
  • Freight elevators

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