TM1638 8 Digit SSD LED Display Module

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This 8 digit seven segment display module uses a TM6138 controller allowing full control of the display using just 3 digital pins on a micro-controller. In addition to the seven segment display there are 8 individually controllable 3mm LEDs and a keypad with 8 push buttons arranged in a single row. These can also be controlled through the TM6138 IC and so require no extra digital pins. A standard 5 pin header provides easy interface to the module from microcontroller.

Technical Specification:

  • Display Type: 8-Digit 7-Segment
  • LED: 8 Red Color 3mm
  • Key: 8 Tactile Switches
  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Controller: TM1638
  • Brightness Control on Segment
  • Interface: 3 Lines Serial (CLK, STB, DIO)
  • Size: 76mm*50mm (L*W)


  •  With 8 keys, 8 LED, 8-bit digital tubes common cathode
  •  Can directly connect with single chip such as STC
  • Provide Arduino driving program
  • Adopt TM1638 chip, has the common peripheral circuit in the mentioned 3 single chips. Its most remarkable feature is it only needs 3 IO of the single chip to drive, scan display and key scan do not need single chip but register to transmit data or test keys, meantime saving MCU source. Provide sample program once buy this module


  • Digital Applications
  • Robotics
  • Electronics Applications

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