SOLDRON SI15-30A Plug Variable Wattage Soldering Iron

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SOLDRON Varitemp SI 15-30Watt /230V AC [SIVT]

  • Efficiency and Versatility to switch wattages at mid-application at the twist of a knob without a bulky station!
  • This is the ultimate Soldering Iron for portability and efficiency.
  • Using Printed Japanese Ceramic Heater technology for high-end use.
  • Extremely versatile due to setting of wattage conveniently placed on the handle along with an indicator.
  • Varitemp will last for years, as long as the ceramic heater is not subject to mechanical damage.
  • Comes standard with aluminum coated long life bit. Continuous rated (24 hours)
  • Specifications
Wattage Range 15W-30W
Voltage 230V
Temperature Range 280°c to 450°c


NOTE: SOLDRON Soldering Irons work best with SOLDRON spares and accessories.


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