UF5408 - 1000V 3A Ultra-Fast Recovery Diode 5 Pieces Pack

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The UF5408 is a recovery diode that carries quick recovery time and is mainly used to convert the AC signal into DC signal.

Technical Specification:

  • Average Rectified Current: 3.0A
  • Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage: 1000V
  • Maximum Forward Voltage Drop: 1.7V
  • Maximum Reverse Current: 0.010mA
  • Maximum RMS Reverse Voltage: 700V
  • Reverse Recovery Time: 75ns


  • Glass passivated chip junction
  • Ultrafast reverse recovery time
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Low switching losses, high efficiency
  • High forward surge capability


  • Used in rectifier circuit
  • Used in switching devices
  • Used in short circuiting protection purposes

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