MB27F - 27mm Flat Loud Continuous

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An audio signaling device like a beeper or buzzer may be electromechanical or piezoelectric or mechanical type. The main function of this is to convert the signal from audio to sound. Generally, it is powered through DC voltage and used in timers, alarm devices, printers, alarms, computers, etc. Based on the various designs, it can generate different sounds like alarm, music, bell & siren.

Technical Specification:

  • Minimum sound level: 85db
  • Oscillation frequency: 4KHz ± 500Hz
  • Current consumption: Maximum 20mA
  • Operating voltage: 1.5 to 15 VDC
  • Tone: Loud Continuous
  • Mounting: Flange Type
  • Wire/Lead length: 120mm 2 wire
  • Height: 13mm
  • Diameter: 31mm
  • Pitch: 36mm
  • Operating temperature range: 20 to 50 °C
  • Storage temperature range: 30 to 60 °C


  • Simply Compatible
  • Frequency Response is Good
  • Size is small
  • Energy Consumption is less
  • The Range of Voltage usage is Large


  • Electrical alarms
  • Educational purposes
  • Security applications
  • Electronic Metronomes
  • Household applications

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