CD4502 Strobed Hex Inverter/Buffer

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CD4502 belongs to the family of the CD4000 IC series. CD4502 Strobed Hex Inverter/Buffer, consisting of six inverter/buffers with 3 state outputs. A logic “1” on the OUTPUT DISABLE input produces a high impedance state in all six outputs. This feature permits the common busing of the outputs, thus simplifying system design. 

Technical Specification:

  • Number of Input Lines: 6
  • Number of Output Lines: 6
  • Polarity: Inverting
  • High Level Output Current: - 4.2 mA
  • Logic Family: CD4000
  • Low Level Output Current: 25.2 mA
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 100 mW
  • Number of Channels per Chip: 5
  • Output Type: 3-State
  • Propagation Delay Time: 380 ns at 5 V, 180 ns at 10 V, 130 ns at 15 V
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Supply Voltage Range: 3V to 18V


  • 2 TTL Load Output Drive Capability
  • 3-State Outputs
  • Common Output Disable Control
  • 5V, 10V and 15V Parametric Ratings
  • Inhibit Control


  • 3 State Hex Inverter for Interfacing ICs with Data Buses
  • COS/MOS to TTL Hex Buffer

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