CD4093 Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt Trigger

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The CD4093 IC is also called a quad package 2-input NAND gate as it contains four independent 2-Input NAND gates with Schmitt trigger action. The IC is operated on different voltage levels and can consume a maximum of 1uA current when operated at 18V DC.

Technical Specification:

  • Number of Bits: 4 bit
  • Number of Gates: 4 Gate
  • Number of Input Lines: 2 Input
  • Number of Output Lines: 1 Output
  • High Level Output Current: -1.5 mA
  • Low Level Output Current: 1.5 mA
  • Propagation Delay Time: 380 ns
  • Input Type: Schmitt Trigger
  • Supply Voltage: 3 ~ 18V
  • Operating Supply Current: 60 uA
  • Quiescent Current: 40 nA
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ +125°C


  • Four Independent 2-input NAND Gates with Schmitt Trigger
  • High Noise Immunity
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range
  • Low Power CMOS


  • Monostable/Astable Multivibrators
  • Wave and Pulse Shapers
  • Implementation of NAND logic

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