CD4069 Hex Inverter

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The CD4069 consists of six inverter circuits and is manufactured using complementary MOS (CMOS) to achieve wide power supply operating range, low power consumption, high noise immunity, and symmetric controlled rise and fall times.

Technical Specification:

  • Number of Circuits: 6
  • Number of Inputs: 6
  • Voltage-Supply: 3V ~ 18V
  • Current-Quiescent: 1 µA
  • Current-Output High, Low: 3.4mA, 3.4mA
  • Logic Level-Low: 1V ~ 2.5V
  • Logic Level-High: 4V ~ 12.5V
  • Max Propagation Delay @ V, Max CL: 50ns @ 15V, 50pF
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 125°C


  • Six Independent Inverter Gates
  • High Noise Immunity
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range
  • Low Power CMOS


  • Logic inversion
  • Pulse shaping
  • Oscillators
  • High-input-impedance amplifiers

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