CD4034 8-Stage Bidirectional Bus Register

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The CD4034 is an 8-bit CMOS static shift register with two parallel bidirectional data ports (A and B). The IC belongs to the CD4XXX IC series and is designed by using the complementary MOS (CMOS) technology. 

Technical Specification:

  • Product Category: Counter Shift Registers
  • Counting Sequence: Serial/Parallel to Serial/Parallel
  • Logic Type: CMOS
  • Number of Circuits: 2
  • Number of Bits: 8 bit
  • Number of Output Lines: 3
  • Number of Input Lines: 3
  • Output Type: 3-State
  • Propagation Delay Time: 700 ns, 240 ns, 170 ns
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 3 ~ 18V
  • Operating Temperature: -55 ~ +125°C


  • Bidirectional parallel data input
  • Parallel or serial inputs/parallel outputs
  • Asynchronous or synchronous parallel data loading
  • Parallel data-input enable on “A” data lines (3-state output)
  • Data recirculation for register expansion
  • Multipackage register expansion


  • Parallel Input/Parallel Output, Serial Input/Parallel Output, Serial Input/Serial Output Register
  • Shift right/shift left register
  • Shift right/shift left with parallel loading
  • Address register
  • Buffer register

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