CD4029 Binary-Decade Up-Down Counter

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CD4029 belongs to the CD4000 IC series. It is a presettable up/down binary/decade counter which counts in either binary or decade mode depending on the voltage level applied at binary/decade input. 

Technical Specification:

  • Logic Family: CD4000
  • Series: CD4029B
  • Function: Counter
  • Number of Bits: 4 bit
  • Counting Method: Synchronous
  • Counting Sequence: Up/Down
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 3 ~ 18V


  • Parallel jam inputs
  • Binary or BCD decade up/down counting


  • Programmable Binary and Decade Counting/Frequency Synthesizers-BCD Output
  • Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Conversion
  • Up/Down Binary Counting
  • Difference Counting
  • Magnitude and Sign Generation
  • Up/Down Decade Counting

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