CD4009 Hex Buffer

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CD4009 Hex Buffer/Converter may be used as a CMOS to TTL or DTL logic-level converter or a CMOS high sink-current driver. The IC offers a wide variety of working conditions and voltages and interfaces directly with TTL, CMOS, and NMOS devices.

Technical Specification:

  • Part number: CD4009UB
  • Technology Family: CD4000
  • Bits (#):6
  • Voltage (Nom):5 V
  • IOH (Max): -1.1mA
  • IOL (Max): 16mA
  • F@nom voltage (Max)(MHz): 12MHz
  • ICC@nom voltage (Max): 0.03mA
  • Schmitt trigger: No
  • tpd@nom Voltage (Max): 140ns


  • Rating Catalog
  • Six Independent Buffers in a Single Package
  • Inverting Type


  • CMOS To DTL/TTL Hex Converter
  • Also used as CMOS Current “Sink” or “Source” Driver
  • CMOS High-to-Low Logic-Level Converter
  • Multiplexer – 1 to 6 or 6 to 1

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