1N60 - Germanium Diode

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1N60 is a point contact diode employing N-from Germanium and gives an efficient and excellent linearity.

Technical Specification:

  • Maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage: 45V
  • Maximum DC blocking voltage: 20V
  • Maximum average forward rectified current: 50mA
  • Peak forward current: 150mA
  • Peak forward surge current: 500mA
  • Maximum instantaneous forward voltage: 1V
  • Maximum forward current: 4mA
  • Maximum DC reverse current: 50µA
  • Operating temperature range: -55℃ to +70℃


  • Metal silicon junction, majority carrier conduction
  • High current capability
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Extremely low reverse current
  • Ultra speed switching characteristic
  • Satisfactory wave detection efficiency


  • For use in Recorder, TV, Radio, Telephone as detectors, super high speed switching  circuits, small current rectifier

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