1N4937 - 600V 1A Fast Recovery Diode

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1N4937 Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode is an axial leaded fast recovery power diode. It allows current flow through only in one direction. Thus, current flows from the Anode to cathode.

Technical Specification:

  • Peak Repeat. Reverse Voltage: 600V
  • Peak RMS Reverse Voltage: 420V
  • Average Forward Current: 1.0A
  • Max. Reverse Current: 0.005mA
  • Max. Forward Voltage Drop: 1.1V
  • Reverse Recovery Time: 200nS


  • It has a high current and surge capability
  • The diode is highly reliable
  • Additionally, it has a low reverse current
  • Also has low forward voltage drop
  • To add on that it has a fast switching for high efficiency
  • Moreover, it has a diffused Junction


  • Used in Power Management
  • To add on that, it is used in Industries
  • Also used in Portable Devices
  • Lastly, used in Consumer Electronics

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