1N4007 - General Purpose Diode 1000 Pieces Pack


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1N4007 is a member of the 1N400x series, which is a family of popular 1A general-purpose silicon rectifier diodes. The blocking voltage of the series varies according to diode number, 1N4007 denotes 1000 volts.

Technical Specification:

  • Peak repetitive reverse voltage: 1000V
  • Working peak reverse voltage: 1000V
  • DC blocking voltage: 1000V
  • RMS Reverse voltage: 700V
  • Forward voltage: 1V
  • Average rectified output current: 1A
  • Non-repetitive peak forward surge current: 30A
  • Peak reverse current: 5µA @25℃
  • Power dissipation: 3W


  • Diffused junction
  • High current capability and low forward voltage drop
  • Surge overload rating to 30A peak
  • Low reverse leakage current


  • AC adapters
  • Household appliances

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