128x64 Green JHD LCD


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This 12864B LCD is a big, bold, beautiful Green LCD with white back-lit pixels. The display is fully programmable and can display a combination of both graphics and text. It can operate in both parallel modes.

Technical Specification:

  • Display construction: 128*64 DOTS
  • Display mode: Green
  • Display type: Positive Tranflective
  • Viewing direction: 6 o'clock
  • Operating temperature: Indoor
  • Driving voltage: Single power
  • Driving method: 1/64duty, 1/9 bias
  • Type: COB (Chip On Board)
  • Number of data line: 8-bit parallel
  • Connector: Header Pin


  • Built-in Controller (ST7920)
  • +5V Power Supply
  • 1/64 Duty Cycle
  • Built-in white backlight


  • Electronic equipments
  • Medical equipments
  • Smart homes

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